Starting this month, Mercer Park Aquatic Center, 2701 Bradford Ave., will undergo renovations to the on-deck family changing room to improve ADA accessibility and upgrade the boiler system. Demolition work began this week on the family changing rooms and will continue through mid-May. 

This work requires partitions to be installed and part of the deck to be sectioned off to allow for construction to be done safely. All other locker room/restrooms are still available.

The renovation plan also includes a boiler replacement, which will close the pool May 1-2, 2018. Additionally, hot water will not be available to the pool throughout May to mid-June resulting in a slow decline in the pool temperature until it stabilizes to the ambient temperature. There will still be hot water running to the showers during this time so the pool will remain open. Once the boiler replacement project is complete in mid-June, the pool will return to normal heated temperatures.

Questions? Contact Recreation Superintendent Chad Dyson, 319-356-5100 or

Date of publication

Friday, March 23, 2018