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City of Iowa City Mayor Jim Throgmorton has committed to the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of city leaders launched at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit to address climate change. By participating in the compact, Mayor Throgmorton commits to climate action by taking stock of greenhouse emissions and the current effects of climate change in Iowa City, creating an action plan with clearly defined reduction targets, and implementing a common system of measuring emissions, monitoring climate risks, and tracking the community’s progress with regular reports.

“The Compact of Mayors reinforces our commitment to the City of Iowa City. We want to continue to make Iowa City a place where people want to live and where businesses want to invest,” said Mayor Throgmorton. “The actions we take to address climate change at a local level will not only improve the quality of life in our community, but will also have a far-reaching global impact now and into the future.”

As one of the key initiatives launched at the Climate Summit in 2014, the Compact of Mayors is the world’s largest collective effort by cities to date to tackle climate change. For more information, visit


Date of publication

Wednesday, February 24, 2016