A graphic with text: tips for renters in Iowa City.

Each year, Iowa City welcomes a new population of first-time renters to the community. 

Moving to your own apartment for the first time is a big deal. To assist with this next step, the City created a new webpage dedicated to those who are renting in Iowa City. The page contains resources and tips that cover things to consider before, during, and after moving into a rental property. 

This guide works for not only first-time renters but anyone who is looking to rent in Iowa City. Some tips include:

  • Search smart:
    • Walk through the unit you are interested in before signing a lease
    • Walk or drive past by the unit at night to check if it's secure – check lighting, noise level, nearby activity
  • Some red flags to be aware of when working with a property management company
    • Refuse to provide copy of the lease
    • Pressures you to sign immediately
    • Uses excuses as to why they can't show you property before signing

Learn more by visiting www.icgov.org/rentertips!

Date of publication

Thursday, November 03, 2022