A work of public art is shown in Iowa City.

A longtime Iowa City public artwork has been relocated to a new and elevated location.

Iowa City's Riverfront Crossings Park is now featuring one of the original sculptures acquired as part of the Iowa City Public Art Program: "Four Module Piece" by Kenneth Duane Snelson.

The piece was first acquired in 1975 through a National Endowment for the Arts grant and local fundraising efforts spearheaded by area arts activists.

It was originally placed on the site of the current UI Biology Building at Dubuque Street and Iowa Avenue in downtown Iowa City. The sculpture was then relocated to Terrill Mill Park in 1997. Each location has enabled the sculpture to be reconfigured to best relate to its surroundings.

The installation at Riverfront Crossings Park raises the sculpture up to be visible from many directions in the surrounding area. Lighting is planned to further accent the sculpture at night.

Snelson was a critically lauded American contemporary sculptor and photographer. He received The International Sculpture Center's Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award in 1999. 

Combining art, science and engineering, Snelson's sculptural works can be seen throughout the United States in Washington D.C., 20 other states, and internationally in Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. Composed of flexible and rigid components, his works are arranged according to the idea of 'tensegrity,' combining ‘tension’ and ‘structural integrity.’ 

Date of publication

Thursday, December 05, 2019