After reviewing the extended weather forecast, the City is moving forward with plans to start a fifth pass of the City for leaf collection. The route order will remain the same starting with Route 5, proceeding in numerical order, and moving to Route 1 after Route 7.

Please keep in mind that continuation of the program is extremely weather dependent and could end at any time without completion of every route and is why we are now rotating the order of the routes annually.

Please also note that the leaf trucks are the plow trucks and the Streets Division needs time to convert the trucks should the extended forecast show bad weather. We anticipate the last route of the fourth pass will be completed around November 29th or 30th and the fifth pass will begin November 30th or December 1st.

Please check the website and social media for daily updates. If you are uncomfortable with the uncertainty of the schedule or have challenges with parked vehicles, please bag your leaves in City of Iowa City yard waste bags and place them at the curb for your normal yard waste collection or you may take them to the landfill free of charge.

Date of publication

Wednesday, November 23, 2016