Starting in the New Year, Iowa City residents currently receiving curbside trash, recycling and organics (yard waste and food waste) will see some changes. 

Yard waste stickers will no longer be required, instead residents will incur a $2 charge on their monthly utility bill, like trash and recycling service fees.

Residents can continue to set out bundled yard waste as in the past. However, they will no longer be required to purchase official City of Iowa City yard waste bags. Any equivalent paper yard waste bag can be used. If you have a stockpile of City yard waste bags, those will continue to be accepted, but will no longer be required. Plastic (petroleum-based or bio-based) yard waste bags will not be taken.  

The City began collecting curbside compost in spring 2017. To participate, simply combine your food and yard waste in the same container for pick-up on your regular curbside collection day. Materials are transported to the Iowa City Landfill’s commercial compost facility where it is processed into community compost. Program details, including a list of compostable materials, is available at

Residents can use their own 20-to-35-gallon yard waste container, limit 50 pounds, or an official City organics cart. A limited number of 95-gallon carts will soon be available for customers who consistently produce large quantities of yard waste, as determined by curbside staff.  For customers who would like smaller carts, 25-gallon carts will soon be available. Additional City organics carts will be made available upon request in spring 2018. 

Questions? Contact Recycling Coordinator Jane Wilch at 319-887-6110 or

A graphic explaining changes to the City's yard waste program.

Date of publication

Tuesday, December 12, 2017