The logo for the Iowa City Senior Center is shown.

The Iowa City/Johnson County senior center, formerly known as The Center, announced its rebranded name and logo.

Now called the Iowa City Senior Center, the updated name clarifies their identity, celebrating where they are located, who they serve, and what they offer. The new logo, with the curved, connected letters ICSC, is a visual representation of their values of connection, curiosity, and activity. The color shift between shades of blue signifies adaptability and openness to change–indicative of both the organization and the people they serve.

ICSC’s coordinator LaTasha DeLoach announced in a video on Facebook that the rebranded name and logo were the result of a long search for the answer to the question: who are we? The ICSC team worked with Iowa City marketing agency Easton Design to help determine its new name, create the new logo, and share the new brand with the community.

DeLoach explains, “We realized there was a misunderstanding and lack of clarity . . . With the help of our consultants, we were able to land at being able to place the location–Iowa City, where we are–and that we are serving seniors here at the senior center.”

A division of the City of Iowa City, the Iowa City Senior Center has been serving adults 50+ in the Iowa City/Johnson County area and beyond for over 40 years. ICSC offers a full array of classes, activities, volunteer opportunities, services, and special events for community members, in particular those aged 50+, to stay active, curious, and connected.

The Iowa City Senior Center can be found at and on Facebook @IowaCitySeniorCenter.

Date of publication

Thursday, October 06, 2022