Over the past two days officers from the Iowa City Police Department have responded to approximately 35 Criminal Mischief reports involving BB Guns.   Residents on the east and southeast side of Iowa City have reported vehicle windows being shot out, damage to their homes, and at least one person shot who received minor injury.  Information was provided by victims and witnesses of suspect descriptions and vehicle.  The witnesses and victims consistently described the vehicle with some unique identifiers.

On November 19, 2016 at approximately 6:42 p.m., Detectives from the Iowa City Police Street Crimes Action Team (SCAT) located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle near the Breckenridge Trailer Court, located at 4494 Taft Ave.   The vehicle was occupied by five juveniles ranging in age from 15-17 years old.   Officers observed the floorboards of the vehicle littered with BBs, BB Guns, and CO2 cartridges.   All juveniles were transported to the Iowa City Police Department for questioning where they subsequently confessed to all of the above criminal acts. 

Damage from this incident is estimated to be several thousand dollars and, knowing that additional reports of damage from these actions are continuing to filter in to the Iowa City Police Department, Detectives are waiting to file the appropriate charges until the public has an opportunity to report all acts regarding this event.  The juveniles were released to their parents / guardians and were charged with Carrying Weapons.   Additional charges are forthcoming.

The Iowa City Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance in reporting any damage or injury as a result of this incident.  If you witnessed the above actions or are a victim of either property or an assault, please contact the Iowa City Police Department and report the incident.

Date of publication

Sunday, November 20, 2016