The Iowa City Police Department is pleased to welcome Veronica May as the department's new Community Outreach Assistant.

As Community Outreach Assistant, May will devote time toward meeting with organizations, groups, and individuals to help the police department foster relationships within the community and connect the public with vital local resources. The overarching goal of May's position is to help all community members understand the responsibilities of the police department and what services it offers, with a special emphasis on marginalized groups and community members who may not have historically benefitted from a strong relationship with the police.

In this role, May draws upon a lifetime of personal and professional experience that has instilled a passion for working toward the betterment of the community. An immigrant from Canada and former foster child, May spent eight years in the outreach department for the YMCA in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she ran free afterschool and summer programs for local teens. May, who is fluent in English and Punjabi, has extensive experience working closely with people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

"I'm looking forward to establishing new relationships in the community and building upon existing relationships between the community and the police department, with an emphasis on serving marginalized groups in our community," May said. "It is my hope to foster a sense of understanding and trust in those relationships."

May will also emphasize working with social agencies and service providers in the area to create opportunities for the police department to engage with the community; as well as provide a greater sense of transparency about what the police department does in the community.

Since joining the department in early November, May has organized meet and greets within the community and will continue to work on making new connections. May can be reached at or 319-356-5274.

Date of publication

Monday, December 05, 2022