The Iowa City Police Department is releasing additional information and camera footage related to the June 3, 2022, arrest of Daria D. Brown.

Camera footage shows officers encountering Brown hitting the windows of a Downtown bar after she was denied entry due to her level of intoxication. While speaking with Brown, officers learned Brown had assaulted a bar employee. The bar declined to pursue charges.

Due to the level of intoxication and assaultive behavior, Brown was placed under arrest for public intoxication. Additional officers arrived on the scene. Brown, who is known from previous encounters to be combative, was belligerent and resistant during the encounter. Efforts to verbally de-escalate Brown were unsuccessful.

Brown resisted multiple attempts to be placed in a squad car and was assaultive toward officers. An officer attempted to use chemical spray to gain compliance, but the device failed to discharge. While being forced into the squad car, Brown grabbed an officer's Taser and ignored the officer's commands to let go, putting herself and the officers at risk of harm. Due to Brown's sustained assaultive behavior toward police and other subjects, an escalation of force was required to gain compliance. Camera footage shows Brown being struck multiple times in the upper back area by an officer until she let go of the Taser.

Brown continued to be assaultive toward Johnson County Jail deputies during the booking process. 

Brown did not require any medical treatment at the time of her booking. The incident remains under review in accordance with the department's use of force policy.

In-car video and a body worn camera video depicting the incident can be found here. No other footage will be released.

The call for service for the incident can be found here.

Date of publication

Monday, June 06, 2022