The Iowa City Police Department welcomed a new officer and recognized two officers for their life-saving efforts during a ceremony Monday, Sept. 26, 2022, at Emma Harvat Hall.

Officer Jordan Schuck is from Fort Madison. Officer Schuck has a bachelor of science degree in law enforcement and justice administration from Western Illinois University and previously served with the Johnson County, Kan., Sheriff's Office. Office Schuck is a certified peace officer in Kansas and will go through the process to be certified in Iowa. 

Officers receive Life Saving Commendations

During the ceremony, Officer Daniel Boesen and Officer Ivan Rossi were given the department's Life Saving Commendation.

In order to receive the department's Life Saving Commendation, an officer must be involved in an act "involving rescue or attempts to rescue any person from medical emergency, trauma, or other life threatening peril.  The act must be exemplary and situation unique."

On Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022, Officers Boesen and Rossi responded to a stabbing call in Iowa City. The officers were first to arrive at a potentially dangerous and chaotic scene, which required the Johnson County Ambulance Service to stage outside of the immediate vicinity.

Upon arrival, the officers quickly identified the victim, who was suffering from a deep cut to their arm caused by a machete attack. Officer Boesen - a field training officer - directed his trainee Officer Rossi to apply a tourniquet to the victim.

The victim suffered excessive blood loss prior to the officers' arrival and made comments that they thought they were going to die. With the victim on the verge of losing consciousness, Officers Boesen and Rossi made the decision to carry the victim to the ambulance. The victim was taken to the emergency room and immediately underwent surgery.

"Officer Boesen and Rossi's calm and decisive actions in the chaotic scene attributed to saving the victim's life," said Iowa City Police Chief Dustin Liston. “Their actions reflect positively on the Iowa City Police Department and is an example of our commitment to serving the public with courage and compassion.”

Body camera footage from the incident can be viewed here. Please be aware the footage contains injuries that may be disturbing to watch.

Date of publication

Monday, September 26, 2022