After nearly a 37-year career in law enforcement, including over three years serving Iowa City, Police Chief Jody Matherly has announced his retirement. 

Chief Matherly assumed the role of police chief on Jan. 23, 2017. Prior to his arrival in Iowa City, he served as police chief in the communities of Altoona and Grinnell. He also served as an officer, sergeant, and lieutenant with the Flint, Michigan Police Department. 

“I could not have dreamed that serving the Iowa City community over the last three years would have had such a positive impact on me,” Matherly said. “Over the past couple years, I have experienced some health concerns which prompted me to reflect on what the future holds. I decided that while my well-being and the police department are both in a good place, now is the perfect time to transition to the next chapter.” 

Chief Matherly led the crafting of a new mission statement for the Iowa City Police Department that emphasizes community partnerships and empowerment of victims. He led by example and worked tirelessly to strengthen relationships in the community while simultaneously empowering the members of the Iowa City Police Department to be a national leader in the field of victim services.

His leadership has enabled the Police Department to be viewed not just as a law enforcement agency, but rather a problem-solving team that can help those most in need with access to housing, mental health resources, and other critical care services.

“Chief Matherly was the perfect fit at the right time for the City of Iowa City,” said City Manager Geoff Fruin.  “While his time with us was short, his positive impact cannot be overstated. Chief Matherly led with compassion and a genuine desire to ensure that all persons were treated with dignity and respect in a fair and consistent manner. Most importantly, he has set an incredibly high standard for every member of our Police Department and empowered them to be creative, community-oriented problem-solvers. Chief Matherly’s legacy will not be a specific initiative that he led, but rather it will be evident in the daily commitment to excellence and our mission by the talented and courageous staff that will continue to strive to serve this community at the highest level.”

Chief Matherly will continue to fulfill his duties until an official retirement date has been determined. A national search will be conducted for the Police Chief position. Details on the recruitment process, including opportunities for public input, will be released later this month.

Date of publication

Thursday, February 06, 2020