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Iowa City Police Chief Sam Hargadine has announced his retirement from the Iowa City Police Department, effective June 30. He has accepted a position as the Executive Director of the Iowa Police Chief’s Association.

Chief Hargadine has served the Iowa City community as Police Chief since August 2005. During his tenure in Iowa City, Chief Hargadine has been instrumental in implementing a number of important initiatives. Community outreach and interagency collaboration have made great strides under his direction. The Police Chaplain program was implemented in 2013 and enlists volunteer Chaplains to counsel crime victims, provide support for officers and their families, and help the Iowa City Police Department engage with community members. More recently, Chief Hargadine has advocated bringing the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) model to Iowa City. Led locally by Johnson County, this model develops partnerships between law enforcement, mental health providers, and healthcare professionals to more effectively respond to mental health crises and substance abuse issues. The CIT program also stresses using interagency collaboration to help individuals in crisis enter into treatment rather than utilize more costly and less effective emergency room visits or serve jail time. 

Chief Hargadine has also taken the lead on engaging in a fact-based and public discussion on the issue of disproportionate minority contact and strategies to reduce disproportionality. He worked extensively with St. Ambrose University to collect and analyze traffic stop data for disproportionality.  The Iowa City Police Department is one of two police departments in the state that uses traffic stop data in this manner.

In 2007, Chief Hargadine brought the Crimestoppers program to Iowa City. The program has helped solve a homicide, as well as several armed robberies and multiple other crimes in the community. He was also involved in the successful passage and implementation of the under-21 bar ordinance in Iowa City. This ordinance has been credited with creating a more family-friendly downtown atmosphere.

Most recently, the Iowa Police Chief’s Association honored Chief Hargadine with their prestigious Police Chief of the Year award.

“We thank Chief Hargadine for over a decade of distinguished service to the City of Iowa City. His many contributions to the Iowa City Police Department have strengthened our community significantly. We wish Chief Hargadine continued success in his new position,” said Interim City Manager Geoff Fruin.


Date of publication

Monday, May 23, 2016