An Environmentally Responsible Management certification has been earned by the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department from the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA.) This achievement is a credit to the parks and forestry staff who have established environmental best practices throughout all the Iowa City's outdoor sports facilities, Mercer Park ball diamonds, and City Park ball diamonds.

The environmental stewardship program certification is valid for three years and was awarded to each facility when they achieved a minimum of 80% compliance in each of the 10 categories that were evaluated. Following the compliance assessment, a walk-through of the facilities was performed to validate the environmental practices in place that make them sustainable sports fields for present and future generations.

There are currently only 45 facilities worldwide that have achieved the Environmentally Responsible Management certification. Iowa City currently holds the record for having the most fields/complexes certified. The facilities include Mercer Park ball diamonds, City Park ball diamonds, Iowa City Kickers Soccer Complex, and Napoleon Softball Field Complex.

This certification supports Iowa City's Climate Action Goals.

Date of publication

Tuesday, December 07, 2021