Please be advised, the leaf schedule will be updated daily and subject to change at any time. If you would like to receive schedule updates via e-mail, visit and subscribe under “Service Notices.”

Please check back daily as schedule adjustments are extremely likely. We have been seeing more leaf piles out over the last week which, in turn, has been slowing down our progress. We are doing our best to estimate progress.

Please Note - We will attempt to make one additional pass of the City beginning today, November 30th, in Route #5. We will proceed thereafter in numerical order and will move into Route #1 after Route #7 has been completed. Crews will not return to any of the routes once collection has been completed. Additionally, crews will not return for piles raked after the area has been collected or for piles not collected due to parked vehicles.

Please be Advised – We will be monitoring the forecast for the most up to date information regarding the possible winter storm system that has been predicted for our area the week of December 5th . Please keep in mind, the program may be suspended at any time, in order for us to prepare & convert all of our equipment for the impending storm. If you are not comfortable with the uncertainty of the schedule, please bag your leaves in the City of Iowa City yard waste bags or you may take them out to the landfill, free of charge, in any type of bag.

Wednesday, November 30th - We will be finishing a small portion of Route #4 that we were unable to complete yesterday and will be moving into Route #5 (Final Pass).

Thursday, December 1st - We will finish collecting in Route #5 & will be moving into Route #6 (Final Pass).

Friday, December 2nd – We will finish collecting in Route #6 and will be possibly moving into Route #7 (Final Pass).

Saturday, December 3rd – We will finish collecting in Route #7 and will be possibly moving into Route #1 (Final Pass).

Monday, December 5th – We will finish collecting in Route #1 and will possibly be moving into Route #2 (Final Pass).

Please Note - When a partial route is scheduled, all leaves in the entire route should be ready for collection by 7:00 a.m. on the first day the route is scheduled in order to guarantee pickup.

If you are unsure of which route you are in please see the flyer that was included in your September City utility bill. Please make sure to turn the flyer over because there is important information on both sides of the flyer.

For more information about the City of Iowa City Leaf Vacuum Program, including a route map, instructions on how to prepare leaves and other helpful reminders be sure to visit

Date of publication

Wednesday, November 30, 2016