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The Importance of Urban Lumber

Urban lumber is produced from trees that are removed for reasons other than harvest of their lumber. These are the trees all around us - in our yards, parks, and right-of-ways. Urban lumber is plentiful, local, and a renewable resource with unique design characteristics.

CO2 Reclamation System

Big Grove Brewery was able to use a Climate Innovation Grant from the City to add new technology that captures and reuses CO₂. Learn how carbon dioxide created during the fermentation process can now be captured, cleaned, & reused for brewing and canning.

Person watering plants on the front porch of their home.
The Housing Fellowship

Creating and maintaining affordable housing in partnership with community organizations is a top priority of the City. That includes a relationship with the Housing Fellowship to create safe, permanent housing opportunities to help stabilize families in our community.

Date of publication

Wednesday, October 19, 2022