Iowa City In Focus brings the people, places, and projects of Iowa City into clear view. This monthly video program aims to highlight topical events and subjects through in-depth storytelling. Here’s what you’ll find in this month’s episode:

Promoting environmental sustainability was identified as a priority by City Council as part of its Strategic Plan. A major objective of setting a goal for greenhouse gas reduction has now been put in place. The City has committed to reducing emissions by 26-28% by the year 2025, and decreasing 80% by 2050. From the rooftops of area businesses to the boiler rooms of the University Power Plant, this in-depth look at the plan discusses what areas the City can improve, as well as how individuals and businesses will need to play a role to reach these goals. 
State of the art technology will give the City’s Park and Forestry Department an edge when it comes to keeping a healthy urban forest. A citywide inventory will give City staff a detailed outline of all 50,000 plus trees that are on city property. Great for helping prepare for invasive species, such as the emerald ash borer, the geo-technology also provides data including the condition of the tree and how much value it brings to the community. The mapping should be done in the spring, allowing the Parks and Forestry Division to better manage and maintain Iowa City’s urban forest. 

Washington Street now has a new, fresh look that provides more benefits than the eye meets. The Washington Streetscape Project was identified as a priority after a large, destructive water main break in 2013. The goal was to replace that aging infrastructure, while also updating the look of the street to include more parking and wider sidewalks. With final completion expected in the spring, In Focus takes a look at the majority of work that’s been completed.

Finally, City Council members give their “New Year’s resolutions.” Each member has the chance to discuss a goal he or she has for the council in 2017. Find out which topics each council member would like to see addressed.

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Date of publication

Tuesday, January 03, 2017