At the Tuesday, July 12, 2022, City Council meeting, members of the Iowa City Fire Department and Johnson County Ambulance Service were recognized for their efforts to save a cardiac arrest patient earlier this year.

At 9:55 a.m., May 25, 2022, Iowa City Fire Engine 4 and the Johnson County Ambulance Service were called to Urban Fuel, 2580 Moss Ridge Road, to assist with a call regarding a sick person. Engine 4 and the ambulance service responded from Station 4 one minute after being dispatched.

While responding, crews were notified the patient was possibly in cardiac arrest. Engine 1 and the Battalion Chief were also requested to the scene.

Responding crews arrived on scene 3 minutes and 25 seconds after being dispatched, confirmed the patient was in full cardiac arrest and began CPR. After the patient received additional medical treatment from personnel, they were taken to a local hospital for further care. 

On June 17, 2022, the patient stopped by Fire Station 4 to thank the responding personnel.

"We are grateful the patient had a successful outcome on May 25 and honored they took time out of their day to thank our crews," said Iowa City Fire Chief Scott Lyon. "I am incredibly proud of the Iowa City Fire Department members and Johnson County Ambulance Service personnel for their work. This is why we get up and put on the uniform each day."

Johnson County Ambulance Service Director Fiona Johnson called on the community to learn about CPR and download PulsePoint, an app that notifies users when someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency.

"Johnson County Ambulance Service is honored to work alongside the Iowa City Fire Department on countless medical calls throughout the year," Johnson said. "Interagency collaboration is key and thanks to that collaboration, we are celebrating a life saved.  Let’s continue to save lives as a community."

The timing of the May 25 call was also significant. Just 30 minutes prior to the call, Engine 4's crew had finished CPR and AED refresher training. When the call was received, the Engine 1 crew was arriving at Station 4 to receive the same training.

Of the Iowa City Fire Department's 8,106 calls for service in 2021, more than half - 4,208 - were Emergency Medical Service calls.

"The bulk of our calls are medical-related," said Chief Lyon. "We train regularly on medical responses in order to provide our community with the best service possible."

The personnel recognized at the City Council meeting were:

  • Lieutenant Todd Irwin (Engine 4)
  • Firefighter Larry White (Engine 4)
  • Firefighter Glenn Pauley (Engine 4)
  • Acting Lieutenant Matt Boerjan (Engine 1)
  • Firefighter David Arch (Engine 1)
  • Firefighter James McDonald (Engine 1)
  • Battalion Chief Zach Hickman
  • JCAS Paramedic Wyatt Glasnapp
  • JCAS Paramedic Matt Tracy

Date of publication

Wednesday, July 13, 2022