Iowa City Fire Marshal Brian Greer retired on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022 after serving for 31 years with the Iowa City Fire Department.

During his three decades with the fire department, Greer served as a firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, and Fire Marshal for the past nine years. He also participated as an EMS Coordinator, Technical Rescue Team Member, Fire Investigator, Fire Inspector, Public Education Program Manager, and was law enforcement certified. 

Fire Marshal Greer earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa and a Master of Science in Executive Fire Service Leadership through Grand Canyon University. He completed the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer Program, among numerous other achievements and certifications.

Fire Marshal Greer also served on the board of the Hawkeye State Fire Safety Association, the International Association of Arson Investigators- Iowa Chapter, and was previously president of the Iowa Fire Marshal's Association.

An educator for much of his career, Fire Marshal Greer wished to share some final words of wisdom before his retirement.

"If I could teach one thing to everyone, it would be to listen," he said.

Iowa City Fire Chief Scott Lyon said Fire Marshal Greer was a valuable asset to both the department and the community.

“Although I’ve only worked alongside him a short time, it is clear to me Fire Marshal Greer exemplifies what it means to be a firefighter and public servant," said Iowa City Fire Chief Scott Lyon. "He has served the Iowa City community dutifully for more than three decades and we wish him well in his retirement.”

The process to select the next Iowa City Fire Marshal is underway.

Date of publication

Thursday, November 03, 2022