Downtown Iowa City will be filled with thousands of people this Friday, Oct. 9, as Hawkeye fans converge for the University of Iowa Homecoming Parade, which will result in several street closures, traffic delays, and changes to the City’s transit routes. The annual parade is scheduled to get underway at 5:45 p.m., although traffic congestion in the Downtown area is expected to get heavy around 3 p.m. as parade entries and attendees start to arrive.


The parade will kick off at the corner of Washington and Gilbert Streets near City Hall, then proceed west on Washington Street. At Clinton Street, it will turn north until Jefferson Street, where it will turn east for one block. When reaching the intersection with Dubuque Street, the parade will turn south until Iowa Avenue, where it will head east for two blocks, concluding at the intersection of Iowa Avenue and Gilbert Street.


Iowa City Police urge parents and guardians of young children to keep a close eye on them, and keep them within an arm's length. Children have a natural curiosity and desire to approach mascot or cartoon characters, which can create a dangerous situation around vehicles that are pulling floats. 


No parking zones will be established on streets along the parade route. Some will start as early as noon. Other no-parking areas will be implemented at 1 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Signs that will indicate no-parking areas as well as when the streets will be closed will be placed along the parade route and staging areas. Watch closely for these posted signs to avoid being ticketed and towed. Vehicles that block parade areas will be towed. In some areas, towing will begin as early as 12:30 p.m. Owners whose cars have been towed will have to go to the Police Department at City Hall, 410 E. Washington Street, to obtain a vehicle release.

Commuters and other drivers who do not plan to attend the parade are advised to plan ahead and find alternate routes out of the Downtown area to avoid delays.


Street closures on Friday are scheduled as follows:

At 4 p.m., these streets will be closed to accommodate the staging area:
•    Van Buren Street (between Market and College)
•    Johnson Street (between Market and Burlington)
•    College Street (between Van Buren and Dodge)
•    Washington Street (between Gilbert and Dodge)
•    Iowa Avenue (between Gilbert and Dodge)
•    Jefferson Street (between Gilbert and Dodge)

At 4:30 p.m., these streets will be closed along the parade route:
•    Clinton Street (between Market and College)
•    Dubuque Street (between Jefferson and Washington)
•    Washington Street (between Clinton and Gilbert)
•    Iowa Avenue (between Clinton and Gilbert)

At 5:30 p.m., the final two street closures will occur:
•    Gilbert Street (between Market and College)
•    Jefferson Street (between Madison and Gilbert)

At the conclusion of the parade around 7:30 p.m., most streets will reopen and normal traffic will resume. The two exceptions will be Clinton Street, between Washington and Jefferson Streets, and Iowa Avenue, between Clinton and Dubuque Streets, which will remain closed to accommodate other Homecoming events, including the coronation of Homecoming royalty and a concert on the Pentacrest.


Police officers will try to assist motorists who wish to leave the Downtown area prior to the start of the parade. However, once it gets underway, vehicles will not be allowed onto the parade route until it's over.

Tower Place Ramp: Parking customers who need to leave Tower Place Ramp on Iowa Avenue on Friday afternoon should be out by 5 p.m. or risk staying until the parade is over. The ramp will close at 5 p.m. and will remain closed until the parade is over and Iowa Avenue has been reopened to regular traffic. Vehicles will not be able to enter or exit during the parade.

Other ramps: The Capitol Street, Dubuque Street, Chauncey Swan, and Court Street ramps will be open and will operate normally during the parade. Customers who need an alternative parking option to Tower Place ramp during the parade should utilize one of these facilities. Customers parked on the lower level of Chauncey Swan Ramp between Washington and College Streets will be blocked from the north exit during the parade, but will be able to leave via the south side, through the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center parking lot.


Iowa City Transit will make the following operational changes on Friday to accommodate the parade:

  • Starting at 6 a.m., the bus interchange will move from the intersection of Washington and Clinton Streets to a temporary location on Court Street between Clinton and Dubuque (adjacent to the Court Street Transportation Center) for the duration of the service day. Normal bus service utilizing the main transit interchange will resume on Saturday, Oct. 10.
  • The last Northside Shuttle of the day will depart the alternate interchange on Court Street at 2:45 p.m. The Northside Shuttle will follow its normal route.
  • The last Southside Shuttle will depart the alternate interchange on Court Street at 3:30 p.m.
  • The outbound bus stops located at Washington and Linn Streets (stop 7200), Washington and Gilbert Streets (stop 7201), Clinton and Jefferson Streets (stop 7400), and Jefferson and Linn Street (stop 7401) will be closed to bus service all day on Friday. The inbound bus stops located at Mercy Hospital (stop 7443), Market and Linn Streets (stop 7206) and Clinton and Jefferson Streets (stop 7207) will also be closed. Customers who use these stops should catch their buses at the alternate interchange on Court Street. These stops will reopen on Saturday, Oct. 10.


For additional details about transit or parking changes, contact the Resource Management Department at 319-356-5151. For more information on street closures or other City-related matters that will be impacted by the Homecoming parade, contact Shannon McMahon, Communications Coordinator, at 319-356-5058 or Additional info about Homecoming festivities is available at

Date of publication

Tuesday, October 06, 2015