The City of Iowa City and the University of Iowa are committed to serving and protecting our city and campus with care and compassion.

We deeply regret what transpired Wednesday night with the use of gas and flash bang devices and acknowledge that with better preparations and time we could safely accommodate Interstate 80 access to those that were demonstrating for change in honor of Mr. George Floyd. We are committed to working with all of our government and law enforcement partners to ensure the scenario from Wednesday night does not repeat itself.

More importantly, the City and the University are committed to an open and transparent review of Police Department policies.

As a starting point, Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague has announced his commitment to President Barack Obama’s Police Use of Force Project, as well as a full review of the #8CantWait project. A review of these campaigns will be initiated with a commitment to thorough public involvement.

The City’s Community Police Review Board will be charged with engaging the public and helping lead this effort to ensure such review is not unduly influenced by City management. Concerted effort will be made to work cooperatively with the University of Iowa Student Government throughout this review. 

The men and women of the Iowa City Police Department and the University of Iowa Police Department, along with every single employee of the City of Iowa City and the students, faculty, and staff of the University stand ready to work cooperatively with our community. Racial injustice exists in many forms and we must listen to the voice of the community and act now.


Date of publication

Friday, June 05, 2020