The City of Iowa City has posted its newest water quality report, also known as the “Consumer Confidence Report” (CCR), to its website at The report, which covers the year 2015, indicates that Iowa City drinking water far surpasses all federal and state drinking water quality standards.

The CCR is issued every year per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. It includes information on water sources and water treatment methods, as well as information on impurities that may have been present in the local drinking water. Water supplies are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the EPA requires the City to monitor for over 80 drinking water impurities.

Printed copies of the report may be obtained at the Revenue Desk in City Hall at 410 E. Washington Street and the Water Plant at 80 Stephen Atkins Drive. They are also available on request by calling 319-356-5164.

For more information, contact Carol Sweeting, Public Information / Education Coordinator at 319-356-5164 or e-mail

Date of publication

Wednesday, May 04, 2016