Iowa City is now offering a grant for income-qualified homeowners that covers the full cost of increasing the amount of insulation in their homes. All the costs are covered by the City directly.

Grant eligibility

Income limits to qualify for Iowa City homeowners are as follows:

  • One-person household: $61,050
  • Two-person household: $69,800
  • Three-person household: $78,500
  • Four-person household: $87,200
  • Five-person household: $94,200

Contact the Climate Action and Outreach office to determine your qualifications and to learn the next steps.  

How do you know if you have enough attic insulation?

Take a look at your attic floor. If you can see the joists, there’s a good chance you need more insulation. A qualified contractor can help determine how much more you need by measuring your R-value – a simple measure based on the depth and type of insulation you have.

Why is insulation important?

A poorly insulated attic loses as much heat as a window left open all winter. Current building practices recommend an R-60 value for attics, but many homes were built to a lower standard. Insulation can also degrade over time.

Knowing the R-value of your attic insulation can be the first step in lowering your electric bills. It also helps fight climate change, since energy use in buidlings is the largest source of emissions in Iowa City.

For more information, contact Daniel Bissell at or visit

Date of publication

Wednesday, January 04, 2023