The Iowa City Municipal Airport is shown.

Last week, the Iowa Department of Transportation released its 2022 Iowa Aviation Economic Report. 

The report showcases aviation's impact on Iowa's economy, and how local airports impact local economies. 

The report detailed that the Iowa City Municipal Airport brings $24 million annually in total economic activity to the area. The last time Iowa DOT conducted this study in 2009, it showed the airport brought in $11.2 million. That is a 114 percent increase in economic impact. 

Other important stats include how the airport supports 77 on-airport jobs and has 18,700 annual visitors. 

Visit the Iowa DOT's webpage dedicated to the Iowa Municipal Airport for more information. 

Statewide, Iowa airports generate $6.4 billion in economic impact each year, support 41,000 jobs, and generate $124 million in tax revenue. 

Economic impact measures airport activity, businesses providing aircraft components and other aviation services, the spending habits of those who travel in planes, and the money brought in by goods delivered by aviation, according to the Iowa DOT.

The report is expected to assist aviation stakeholders, including local, state, and federal officials, in making informed decisions related to operations and investments in Iowa’s air transportation system.

The full report, summary, and other materials are available on the Iowa DOT’s Aviation website.

Date of publication

Monday, November 14, 2022