Iowa City Police have responded to hundreds of fireworks related calls since a new state law went into effect legalizing the sale of consumer fireworks in Iowa.

Fireworks sales are legal statewide, but the use of commercial fireworks within City limits is illegal.

Iowa City Police have received 406 calls since the state law went into effect June 1, 2017. During the same time period last year, June 1 through July 5, police received 32 fireworks calls.

Police have responded to calls for service and made contact with community members using fireworks, whenever possible. Officers are educating the community about the differences between the state code, which allows for sale, and the City’s code, which prohibits use.

Violators using fireworks are subject to a simple misdemeanor citation with a fine of no less than $250 (City Code 8-5-12). Officers will continue to respond to fireworks calls and enforce the City’s local ordinance.

To report illegal fireworks activity in your neighborhood, contact police at 319-356-6800.

Firework sales in the state will continue through Saturday, July 8 and begin again December, 10 through January, 3. 

Date of publication

Wednesday, July 05, 2017