The Iowa City Police Department conducted a survey in the spring of 2016 regarding the community's level of satisfaction with services provided by the police department and the results showed the department is providing good to excellent services to the people of Iowa City. 

The survey is part of the department's ongoing accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. 

Survey participation: 

The community survey resulted in 967 responses from multiple sources of information. 

  • Online: The Iowa City Police Department utilized to collect responses. A total of 310 responses were collected from
  • Comment/suggestion cards: A total of 657 comment/suggestion cards were retrieved from the public lobby attendee, stationmaster at the front desk of the department offices, and pre-printed postcards sent out with the April 2016 water bill mailing. 
Survey results: 
  • Competency of Iowa City Police Department employees:
    Excellent: 44.87%, Good: 35.70% , Satisfactory: 11.46%, Needs Improvement: 6.44%, Poor: 1.53% and 51 had no response. 
  • Attitude and behavior of Iowa City Police Department employees:
    Excellent: 46.92%, Good: 28.96%, Satisfactory: 10.24%, Needs Improvement: 10.46%, Poor: 3.41% and 59 had no response.
  • Overall performance of the Iowa City Police Department:
    Excellent: 45.13%, Good: 35.83%, Satisfactory: 10.59%, Needs Improvement: 7.38% , Poor: 1.07% and 32 had no response.
  • How safe and secure do you feel living in Iowa City:
    Feel very safe: 39.09%, Feel safe: 41.31% , Some concern: 16.74% , Feel unsafe:  2.86%  and 23 had no response.

To view the full results, survey questions and comment data visit

Date of publication

Monday, September 26, 2016