At its January 25, 2022 meeting, the Iowa City Human Rights Commission elected Jason Glass as Chair and Ashley Lindley as Vice Chair. Both Glass and Lindley have served on the commission since 2020.

“Part of being Chair is ensuring productive meetings and discussion, which I hope to do," Glass said. "More importantly, I want to engage our outstanding commissioners and the larger Iowa City community in finding ways to bring people together. In a time of so many divisions, we can help to bridge the divide.”

Glass is a Lecturer in the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business, where he has been teaching undergraduate and MBA courses in Human Resources, Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship for the past three years. Glass is also a staff sergeant in the Iowa National Guard, where he serves as the Equal Opportunity Leader for his unit.

Lindley is a nonprofit professional and human rights advocate based in Iowa City. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in social work at the University of Iowa. Lindley's past social justice work has included LGBTQ advocacy, domestic and sexual violence prevention, and racial justice. 

As Vice Chair of the Commission, Lindley will continue leveraging her privilege and experiences to foster vital community dialogues in order to create equitable change in the Iowa City community.

"Our vision for 2022 is one of breaking bread and building community," Lindley said. "We will advance social justice by bridging gaps and creating connections among Iowa City’s diverse populace."

The Commission consists of 9 members. Duties of the Commission include disseminating information; educating the public on illegal discrimination and civil rights; and planning and conducting programs designed to eliminate racial, religious, cultural and other intergroup tensions. Current members are: Ali Ahmed, Siri Bruhn, Jason Glass, Sylvia Jons, Ashley Lindley, Roger Lusala, Bijou Maliabo, Mark Pries, and Tony Sivanthaphanith.

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Human Rights Commission Vice Chair Ashley Lindley and Chair Jason Glass
Human Rights Commission Vice Chair Ashley Lindley and Chair Jason Glass

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Thursday, February 17, 2022


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