When we think about the tools for fighting climate change, what comes to mind? Renewable energy, alternative transportation, waste reduction? What about hope? What role does it have to play?

Although it is easy to doom-scroll climate headlines, those news items will only take us so far. To really address environmental issues, it is important not just to know what is at stake but also the solutions gaining momentum. We have the knowledge and resources. Now is the time to act.

Join Climate Action Coordinator Sarah Gardner and Recycling Coordinator Jane Wilch for a discussion about the importance of hope in climate action and hear some recent positive developments on the local level.

Just like previous “Speaking of” discussions, there won’t be any slides or charts, but there will be plenty of opportunity to be part of the conversation, have your questions answered, and celebrate some victories just in time for Earth Month.

Questions? Email Sarah-Gardner@iowa-city.org or Jane-Wilch@iowa-city.org.

Date of publication

Wednesday, March 30, 2022