As of Sept. 1, 2015, all Robert A. Lee and Mercer Aquatic Park/ Scanlon Gym patrons will be required to scan in with a facility pass at the front desk. If you do not have a pass, customer service staff will create one free pass for you. After Oct. 1, 2015, if you do not have your pass at the time of service, you may be issued a replacement pass for the price of $2.

Additionally, should you choose to use any of the facilities’ equipment (basketballs, ping pong paddles, billiards equipment, etc.) you will be asked to leave your facility pass as collateral. When the equipment is returned, the pass will be returned. No other forms of ID will be accepted.

Utilizing a facility pass system helps staff better understand when and how the public uses recreation facilities, which in turn helps us make budget and staffing decisions aimed at better serving our patrons.  

We appreciate in advance your support and compliance with these policies.

Date of publication

Tuesday, September 15, 2015