Friends of the Animal Center Foundation (FACF) has paid off the $1 million pledge it made in 2012 to help fund construction of the new Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center at 3910 Napoleon Lane. The group presented the final $400,000 check to Mayor Jim Throgmorton on Thursday, July 14, 2016 in a small ceremony held at the Animal Center.

The flood of 2008 destroyed the previous Animal Center on Kirkwood Avenue. For seven years, the Animal Center operated from a temporary facility on Sand Road while plans were made and funding sources were established for a new building. FACF pledged $1 million toward the new facility, which opened in August 2015.  According to FACF, 471 donors contributed to the campaign. Additional funding for the facility came from FEMA, the State of Iowa, Johnson County, the Cities of Coralville and University Heights, and the University of Iowa.

The new facility offers many improvements over the previous shelter, including separate housing areas for different species, as well as for sick and injured animals; a medical/ surgical room; air exchange system in each room; and energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems.

“The support of the community throughout the flood and loss of the Kirkwood facility, and then through our temporary operation and construction of our new Animal Center, has been nothing short of phenomenal. The fact that members of our community could raise and donate $1 million to help construct our animal care facility speaks volumes about the kind of support we enjoy here,” said Liz Ford, Animal Services Supervisor. “We are very grateful to everyone who donated to the campaign and continue to support our mission in many ways.”

For more information, contact Animal Center Supervisor Liz Ford at 319-356-5295 or e-mail


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Friends of the Animal Center Foundation (FACF) has presented their final payment on a $1 million pledge for the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center. Christina Kimerle, Executive Director for FACF, left, presented a $400,000 check to Liz Ford, Animal Center Supervisor, and Mayor Jim Throgmorton on July 14. FACF is a nonprofit organization formed in 1999 to raise funds to support and expand the Animal Center's services for companion animals.

Date of publication

Friday, July 15, 2016