Iowa City Transit will be adding some unique bus routes on Caucus Night, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020.

These routes will be available at normal cost of ridership and will take riders to Caucus locations not serviced on regular transit routes. Shuttles will begin at 5:30 p.m., and will run on a 30-minute schedule until after the caucuses at these sites have ended. 

Residents can click the hyperlink on each route title for a full map of the route, including where various stops are located. You can read a complete list of bus routes to all Caucus locations in Iowa City online.  

Johnson County Fairgrounds Shuttle

Shuttle service to the Democratic Party and Republican Party caucus location at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, 4265 Oak Crest Hill Rd SE. Shuttle will be a regular 40-foot transit bus, and the headsign will display "Caucus Shuttle." 

Terry Trueblood/Alexander Elementary Shuttle

Shuttle will serve the Democratic Party caucus site at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area, 579 McCollister Boulevard, as well as the Republican Party caucus site located at Alexander Elementary, 3571 Sycamore St. Shuttle will use an Iowa City Transit paratransit vehicle. 

Alexander Elementary Shuttle

Shuttle will serve Democratic Party caucus site located at Alexander Elementary school. Shuttle will use a regular 40-foot transit bus. Headsign will be designated "Caucus Shuttle." Start and end point is Alexander Elementary.

Clarion/ICCSD Building Shuttle

Shuttle will service both the Republican Party location at the Iowa City Community School District's Office Building, 1725 N. Dodge St., as well as the Democratic Party location at the Clarion Hotel. This shuttle will be a Iowa City Transit paratransit vehicle. Start and end point is the Clarion Highlander Hotel and Conference Center, 2525 N. Dodge St.

Date of publication

Wednesday, January 29, 2020