Dubuque Street will again temporarily convert to a one-way following the Iowa vs. Nebraska game Friday, Nov. 25. 

A few reminders about the traffic change: 

Two-way access from I-80 to Foster Road/B'Jaysveill Lane will be maintained. Those located in all areas of Peninsula, Idylwyld, Taft Speedway & B’Jaysville Lane can come and go via the interstate during the temporary one-way conversion. 

Digital signage will be posted on I-80 noting the lack of southbound access on Dubuque, but people who need to access any location including and north of Foster can still proceed off the rampwhere they will likely be greeted by traffic controllers who will allow only those who’s destination is Foster and north of Foster access to Dubuque Street. 
Iowa City Transit will run a special shuttle service for Saturday Manville Heights customers who need to get to the Peninsula neighborhood area during the one-way conversion post game.
Dubuque Street will remain one-way until traffic clears. UI Athletics is estimating 90 minutes to 2 hours, however the time frame will vary depending how quickly traffic clears. 

This traffic change is at the request and under the supervision of the University of Iowa Athletics Department. Questions and comments should be sent to Matt Getz, Assistant Director of Event Management at matthew-getz@uiowa.edu or (319) 335-9856.

Please share this information as broadly as you can with your neighbors. 


Date of publication

Wednesday, November 23, 2016