There is no such thing as the poop fairy, but it is a pet owner’s responsibility to bag it and dispose of it properly. Doo your part and scoop the poop. Your neighbors will appreciate your good manners, and you will be able to spend your money on treats and toys for your furry friend rather than a fine.

Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department is reminding residents to keep your dog on a leash and pick up after them when out in parks and open spaces. With an increase in park use during the coronavirus pandemic there has been an increase in reports of pets being off-leash, invading other park users’ space, and complaints of dog poop left behind on trails and in parks.

Iowa City, like most cities, has an ordinance requiring pet owners to keep pets on a leash and to remove feces on public or private property. The fine for a first-time occurrence is $185. A common misconception is that dog waste acts as a natural fertilizer, meaning there is no reason to pick it up. However, leaving canine excrement where it lands can spread bacteria and disease, contaminate water when the rain washes it into lakes and rivers, not to mention, ruin someone’s day if it is stepped in.   

It is a stinky topic, but we want to keep our city beautiful and clean. Make a statement and practice good dog-ownership behavior by posting with #scoopthepoopic.

Date of publication

Thursday, May 07, 2020