The Mall and Night Broadway routes are currently detouring outbound and inbound due to sewer repair work at the intersection of Dodge St. and Bowery St.. The outbound Mall and inbound Night Broadway buses will use Gilbert St. to Kirkwood Ave. and will not service Bowery St. or Dodge St. while the work is happening. Normal service is expected to resume on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

Closed Inbound Night Broadway Stops 

  • Dodge St. & Walnut St., 7107                
  • Dodge St. & Bowery St., 7105
  • Bowery St. & Johnson St., 7103
  • Bowery St. & Van Buren St., 7101       
  • Bowery St. & Gilbert St., 7100                                    

Closed Outbound Mall Stops 

  • Bowery St. & Johnson St., 7102
  • Bowery St. & Dodge St., 7104
  • Dodge St. & Walnut St., 7106

For more information, contact the Transportation Services Department at 356-5151. 

Date of publication

Monday, June 05, 2017