Crews are making steady progress on work to update Iowa City's iconic ped mall.

The project is part of the larger Downtown and Pedestrian Mall Streetscape Plan, and will improve ADA accessibility, underground infrastructure, and the overall aesthetics of the area, featuring new  lighting, plantings and accents that celebrate Iowa City’s uniqueness and cultural footprint.   

Current construction update 

Crews are currently installing brick pavers at the Dubuque and College Street intersection, part of the phase 1A area. Once the brick is placed, crews will install light poles, plantings and the permanent stage canopy, in addition to other work. The contractor is estimating that most of the work in this phase will be completed by mid-October, with the Weatherdance stage canopy finished in late November. 

Work also continues along Dubuque Street from College to Washington streets, and in the Blackhawk Mini Park area as part of phase 1B. Crews are installing underground utilities like water main, storm sewer and electrical and telecommunications conduits. Next steps include placing limestone planter walls and concrete brick subslab. The contractor is anticipating completion in late November. 

Watch the video below for a construction update. 

Overall project timeline

Crews estimate they will be out of the work area by late fall, but will return in May 2019 for the second and final phase of the project, with work focused on College Street from Clinton to Linn streets. 

The entire project is expected to be complete in fall 2019. 

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Date of publication

Tuesday, September 11, 2018