A four-piece sculptural art piece titled “Emergence” was recently installed in Creekside Park by Iowa artist Cara Briggs Farmer of Synergy Metalworks.

The project is a collaboration with the Iowa City Public Art Advisory Committee, the Parks and Recreation Department, Backyard Abundance, and neighbors of Creekside Park.

The artwork was designed to complement the Community Orchard which is located on the western edge of the park. Backyard Abundance met with Creekside neighbors to envision and create the orchard and Briggs Farmer met with neighbors last spring to design the artwork.

The result is two five-feet-six-inch tall stainless steel flower mandalas featured at the entrance into the orchard area through the pollinator beds, as well as two 8 feet tall shocks of stainless steel stylized prairie grasses which provide a backdrop for seating at the front of the orchard.

The title for this piece, ‘Emergence’, is a direct response to our current COVID-19 crisis and the hope that when neighbors can finally fully emerge from quarantines and congregate in groups, these sculptures will stand as a warm welcome back to our communal spaces.

Date of publication

Tuesday, June 23, 2020