Iowa City's first ever Climate Action Plan is ready for public viewing. 

The plan identifies actions across several categories that community members can take to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve targets for community-wide greenhouse gas reduction, while creating a more livable, equitable and resilient Iowa City. 

Actions include everyday habits, like transportation, diet and consumption, to larger community development opportunities in buildings and neighborhoods, as well as initiatives to improve social equity. A Climate Action Toolkit is available to guide the public while reviewing the plan to help people understand what they can do individually to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This plan is the result of more than a year of steering committee meetings, community input and research into how Iowa City as a whole can take action on climate change. The Climate Action Steering Committee, made up of people representing a variety of community groups and organizations, has been instrumental in the creation of this plan. 

The plan is slated for official presentation at the September 18 City Council meeting. 

Widespread community participation is vital for this effort to succeed. All parts of the community are encouraged to view the plan and pledge to take action to make lifestyle changes that will help implement the plan. 

To learn more about the Climate Action Today Project, visit

An image of the front cover of the climate action plan

Date of publication

Friday, September 07, 2018