On Dec. 15, the Iowa City City Council approved updates to Part 7 of the Iowa City Interim Municipal Design Standards, Section 02660-Water Distribution Specifications, and Accepted Products for Water Distribution Materials. The Water Division has also updated the Water Division Policies and Procedures.  All updated materials are available at https://icgov.org/waterresources.

Updates to the City water distribution standards and specifications include steps to align with the Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS), improve traceability of water mains, and revise procedures based on field and research recommendations.  Some of the most notable changes include removing the requirement for installing ductile iron pipe under roadways, rescinding the requirement for the use of ductile iron tapping sleeves under pavement, a tightened water pipe testing procedure, and requiring the killing of abandoned water services before new service taps will be authorized. With the constant improvements made in tracing underground utilities, all standard details have been updated to include new, improved tracer wire installations.

Questions regarding the updated water standards and specifications may be directed to Chris Parizek, Water Engineer, Iowa City Water Division, chris-parizek@iowa-city.org, 319-356-5056, or Scott Sovers, PE, Senior Civil Engineer, Iowa City Engineering Division, scott-sovers@iowa-city.org, 319-356-5142.

Date of publication

Wednesday, December 30, 2015