In 2017, the City Council created the Social Justice and Racial Equity (SJRE) Grant to assist community-based organizations in building capacity to address social justice and racial equity needs. Seventy-five thousand dollars has been allocated yearly for the SJRE Grant since Fiscal Year 2019.

The grant is available to for-profit and non-profit Iowa City-based organizations to fund programs, activities, or services that help eliminate inequities in the community. The grant lists six priority service areas: education, building community, housing, criminal justice, health, and employment. Organizations whose programs, services, or activities address one or more of these priorities are considered first for funding.

The following are the FY2020 SJRE grant recipients:

  • Successful Living: $18,000.00
  • Sudanese Community Center: $13,520.00
  • Little Creations Academy: $7,360.00
  • Center for Worker Justice: $8,975.98
  • Antelope Lending Library: $6,644.00
  • Inside Out Reentry: $5,000.00
  • The Labor Center: $15,500.00

Visit for more information about the SJRE FY2020 award recipients' projects.

Date of publication

Monday, February 24, 2020