Iowa City residents will notice some changes on their next utility bill, and visit to the Iowa City Landfill or East Side Recycling Center. 

Utility rates

  • Refuse: $12
  • Discounted Refuse: $3
  • Recycling: $5.10
  • Discounted Recycling: $1.28
  • Refuse stickers: $2.50 each

Sold Waste rates and new secured load policy


  • Small electronic waste, no screens:  $3 each
  • Monitors or TVs 18 inches or less:  $12
  • Monitors or TVs more than 18 inches:  $17
  • Tire recycling:  $0.15/pound, $3 minimum (landfill only, no tire recycling at East Side)

Minimum trash fee

  • Loads from within Iowa City:  $6.50, for up to 300 pounds
  • Loads from elsewhere in the service area:  $7, for up to 300 pounds

New secured load policy

All loads must be fully secured, enclosed or covered so loose materials cannot fall or be blown from the vehicle.

All loads containing materials that are being transported to the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center for processing and/or disposal are required to be covered or secured in a manner that prevents any part of the load from escaping the vehicle between the origin of the waste and disposal location.

Disposal locations include the landfill tipping floor, yard waste pad, shingle pad and roll-off convenience area. 

Methods of cover or securement include but are not limited to tarps, cables, straps, cords or rope. For example, a refrigerator should be strapped in but does not need to be covered. Covers that are shredded or tied so loosely as to allow materials to fall or blow out will be considered non-compliant. 

Customers will receive one warning at no cost. After the first no-cost warning, each violation of the policy will immediately incur a $50 fee.   

Questions about this new policy can be direct to 319-887-6160. 

Date of publication

Wednesday, July 05, 2017