A new bicycle repair station and bike racks have been installed at Wetherby Park. 

The South District Neighborhood Association applied for funds through the City’s Program for Improving Neighborhoods, or PIN Grant.

“On this side of town we want everything! We want awesome parks, we want awesome trails, but we also want to be able to bike where we go," says Angie Jordan, President of the South District Neighborhood Association. "So when we got the trails and we got the bike lanes, we realized we needed to learn how to take care of our bicycles. How to fix them ourselves. And it was really important that we had the right tools nearby so that residents and kids could see it and learn how to use it.”

This public amenity provides free, on-the-spot bike repairs. All the tools you need for repairs or maintenance are attached to the stand, including a tire pump. 

Installation of this new equipment was completed by staff from the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department.

You can learn more about the South District Neighborhood Association on their website or Facebook page.

Date of publication

Wednesday, May 26, 2021