New transit routes, stops, and bus schedules will take effect on Monday, Aug. 2, 2021.

To promote the new service, updated bus schedules are now available online at, on all buses, at the Iowa City Public Library, City Hall, and the Parking Office located at 335 Iowa Ave. Notifications have been posted on all affected transit stops. 

General information on the new routes is available in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese and can be found on our website

Over the next few days, please take an opportunity to get familiar with the new routes, new schedules, and changes to transit stops in your neighborhood so you are prepared for the changes.

Customer service

Staff is available to answer any questions or provide assistance planning your trip using the new transit system. Please call 319-356-5151, email, or visit the Information Booth at the Downtown Transit interchange with any questions. Staff will be available at the interchange through next week to assist with the transition to the new system. 

Transit App

On Monday, August 2, the Transit App will be updated with the new transit routes, stops, and bus schedules. Simply enter your destination in the app, and it will provide the routes and stop recommendations to complete your trip. You can also use the app to plan for transit trips from a different origin or destination, or plan a trip that will occur at a future date and time.  

Learn how to use the Transit App by watching this explainer video, by reading the Transit App 101 document, or by reaching out to Transit staff. 

On August 1, the Bongo website will be replaced with the Iowa City Area Transit website located at The site will provide similar information as the Bongo website including bus routes, stops, and bus arrival times for Iowa City Transit, Coralville Transit, and CAMBUS.  

For more information on the upcoming changes, please access, call 319-356-5151, or email

Date of publication

Thursday, July 29, 2021