The Human Rights Commission recognized 24 area youth at its 19th Annual Human Rights Youth Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Students were selected for recognition based on their promotion of - or contributions to - human rights causes locally or abroad. Mayor Bruce Teague delivered brief remarks to the recipients in recognition of them being honored.

The complete list of recipients is: Neema Mali Ash, Kai Babcock, Mae Barron, Karla Bernal, Gary Chen, Jonathan Chen, Henry Dai, Liam Edberg, Florence He-Yu, Lydia Karr, Krisha Kapoor, Reem Kirja, Anish Lodh, Anjali Lodh, Clare Loussaert, Jeanica Mbuyi, Rebecca Michaeli, Nathalie Nunez, Anna Verry, Olivia Zastrow, Helen Zhang, Flora Zhu, Sonya Zhu, Leon Xie. Students attend Northwest Junior High, City High School, and West High School.

Recipients were presented with an honoree plaque from the Commission. The ceremony can be viewed here.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022



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