Ann Thompson has been named to serve as the Iowa City Police Department's first full-time Victim Services Coordinator. Thompson officially began the role on Jan. 26, 2021.

The position focuses on working with victims directly, by helping them access services related to the criminal justice system, while also mitigating the impacts of crime on the victims. In the new position, Thompson will also provide training to ICPD officers, as well as providing public education and sharing resources related to victim services. 

The position will serve under the Investigations Division of the ICPD. 

Thompson first began working for the ICPD in April 2019, serving in an internship position as its then newly developed Victim Services Coordinator. While in this role, she was able to fulfill a practicum in the Social Work Master's program at Denver University. After completing the internship, she remained with the ICPD as Victim Services volunteer. 

In the fall of 2020, the ICPD received approval by the City Council to add a full-time Victim Services Coordinator position. Thompson completed a competitive hiring process for the position.

It is intended that this position play a significant role in building strong relationships with local social services to provide connections, support, and ensure the victims experiencing trauma have access to community resources. The hiring of Thompson represents an important step in the City's preliminary plan to restructure the police department. The Victim Services Coordinator position replaces one full-time police officer. 

For questions about Victim Services, please call 319-356-5441 or email

Date of publication

Wednesday, February 03, 2021