In 2015 the City focused in on the highest priority locations, Washington Street and the north end of the Ped Mall. Washington Street (Clinton to Linn) was chosen because of significant utility upgrades that are needed in the corridor. Particularly, the replacement of the water main that broke in 2013 and caused significant damage to nearby properties. The age of the streetscape components and poor health of a significant number of trees was also cited as reasons for reinvestment.

The north end of the Ped Mall was repeatedly ranked as a high priority during the master plan process. The improvements to this area will include utility upgrades, brick and planter maintenance and a redesign of Black Hawk Mini Park. Anchoring Black Hawk Mini Park will be a significant public art project that is being developed by world-renowned artist and architect Dr. Cecil Balmond (

Stay tuned for opportunities to review the latest plans for these important downtown corridors!

Date of publication

Monday, July 20, 2015