A basket of tomatoes is shown next to text: Speaking Of...Local Food.

It’s summertime in Iowa. Local growers are hard at work, the stalls at the Farmers Market are hopping, and the question on many minds is "what will ripen next?" It’s a near embarrassment of riches: bunches of garlic scapes, baskets of tomatoes, ears of sweet corn by the dozen!

There are many reasons to be excited about local food, including those from a climate action and resource management perspective. Join Recycling Coordinator Jane Wilch and Climate Action Coordinator Sarah Gardner for a lively discussion of local food resources, opportunities, and challenges.

As with previous “Speaking of” discussions, this will be a casual conversation without slides or charts. It’s a chance to talk through some mouthwatering questions and learn some useful information along the way.

Questions? Email Sarah-Gardner@iowa-city.org or Jane-Wilch@iowa-city.org.

Date of publication

Thursday, May 26, 2022