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About the Podcast 

Iowa City is an eclectic and engaged community, full of curious and creative people. Iowa City Matters offers an in-depth platform to inform listeners about civic and community topics that impact their lives. Listen, learn, and engage.

Mission statement: The mission of the Iowa City Matters podcast is to offer insight into City projects and programs that have a substantial impact on our community and are guided by the City’s Strategic Plan.


New Episode: Traveling with Transit

Public Transit is an essential service we provide in our community. Offering a safe, accessible, and affordable way to navigate across the corridor is our top priority. Listen to learn about the different services provided, the environmental and economic advantages, and future plans to further improve this vital service.

This episode is hosted by Senior Transportation Planner Emily Bothell. Our panelists include University of Iowa Cambus Manager Brian McClatchey, Iowa City Director of Transportation Services Darian Nagle-Gamm, and Johnson County Mobility Coordinator Kelly Schneider.

Second Episode: Crisis Intervention

Simply put, crisis intervention refers to the methods used to recognize, intervene, and provide appropriate care to an individual suffering from mental distress. Listen to learn how local law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and social service organizations are using these methods to better identify suitable care, rather than placing people into the criminal justice system.

This episode is hosted by Iowa City Police Chief Jody Matherly. Our panelists include Executive Director of the Shelter House Crissy Canganelli, Johnson County Jail Alternatives Coordinator Elley Gould, Project Manager of the Behavioral Health Urgent Care Center Matt Miller, and ICPD Data-Driven Justice Coordinator David Schwindt. This program is produced by the City of Iowa City’s City Channel 4.

First episode: Historic Preservation

As one of Iowa’s oldest communities, historic preservation is extremely important to Iowa City residents. This discussion sheds light on how historic preservation helps shape our community – from what makes a structure historic to the incentives and responsibilities that accompany a designation.

This episode is hosted by Assistant to the City Manager Simon Andrew. Panelists include Iowa City Downtown District Public Art Director Thomas Agran, City Historic Preservation Planner Jessica Bristow, former City Council person and historic homeowner Connie Champion, and historic architect Josh Moe. This program is produced by the City of Iowa City’s City Channel 4.

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