City of Iowa City legislative priorities

The City of Iowa City promotes the interests and welfare of the citizens of Iowa City through impacting legislation at the State and Federal government. The legislative agenda and priorities list is set by Council yearly and gives City staff the direction to pursue legislative issues that will impact the City of Iowa City. The current legislative priorities are provided below:

City of Iowa City lobbyist Information

The City of Iowa City retains the services of various lobbying entities and organizations. These organizations serve the needs of Iowa City by informing and educating stakeholders associated with issues that affect the City of Iowa City. Provided below is a listing of the organizations that represent the City of Iowa City and local government issues at both the State and Federal levels: 

Iowa Metro Coalition 
Cornerstone Government Affairs
321 East Walnut Street, Suite 140
Des Moines, IA 50309
Annual membership cost: $4,750

Iowa League of Cities
317 Sixth Avenue, Suite 800
Des Moines, IA 50309
Annual membership cost: $10,871

National League of Cities
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 550
Washington, DC 20004
Annual membership cost: $5,401