Iowa City offers a unique mix of culture and arts unlike any other Midwestern city. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated Iowa City as one of only six cities of literature in the world.

The city has a European feel with numerous shopping, arts and educational opportunities. It has received kudos for health, adventure and volunteering from Men's Journal, Forbes and National Geographic. Manufacturing companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium have all found this area to be an attractive place to relocate executives and draw international talent.

Shovel Ready Iowa certification date

May 2012 


Approximately 173 acres

Certification category

General manufacturing - rail service

Possible end-users

  • Renewable energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Heavy equipment assembly

Utility capacity (meets or exceeds minimum requirements)

  • Electricity: 3 MW
  • Natural gas: 125,000 CFH
  • Water: 500,000 GPD
  • Wastewater: 300,000 GPD

Location advantages

Iowa City's location in the Central Time Zone allows same day communication with both coasts, Canada and Mexico. Plus, this market can serve Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and Omaha by freight carrier in a one-day round trip. The Supply Chain Campus is rail served by the Iowa Interstate Railroad that has linkages to all major rail lines and two river barge ports, one of which is ice free year round.


  • Located on U.S. Route 6
  • 3 miles south of Interstate 80
  • 8 miles to Interstate 80/Interstate 380 interchange
  • 25 miles to Eastern Iowa Airport (CID)


Home to the University of Iowa, Iowa City boasts one of the highest educational attainment rates in the nation, which translates to a highly productive workforce. The greater Iowa City area comprises the southern anchor of a two-node, seven county economic region known as Iowa's Creative Corridor. The laborshed for this region is 400,000.