• If there is an Elevation Certificate for my property? Call 319-356-5122. 
  • If my home flooded during the 2008 or 2013 floods? Go to the Johnson County GIS Property Information View (PIV) and find the links to photos from those years. On the toolbar (see below) select either the 2008 or 2013 aerial photo link:
flood plain map
  • If my home or business is in a flood hazard area? Again, go to http://gis.johnson-county.com/piv/.  On the right side of the screen you’ll find a screen to search by address.  Once you’ve been taken to the map view, you can use the pull-down Layer menu (left of the links to aerial photos) to select: 

    • FEMA 

    • Put your cursor on the arrow to the left of FEMA to open another pull-down menu and select “flood hazard areas” 

    • If you have trouble using this tool, call 319-356-5122. 

  • If my home or business has been removed from a flood hazard area with a Letter of Map Change? You can search on the www.FEMA.gov website or call 319-356-5122. 

  • The right department to inquire about a clogged storm drain or stormwater management facility that appears to need maintenance? Call 319-356-5170. 

  • How to volunteer for the Adopt-A-Storm-Drain program? Call 319-356-5164.

For more information on FloodSmart, visit floodsmart.gov

For more information on Iowa Floodplain and Stormwater Management Association, visit iowafloods.org

For more information on Iowa Flood Center, visit iowafloodcenter.org

For more information on FEMA, visit fema.gov

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