flood plain map
  • If my home or business is in a flood hazard area? Again, go to http://gis.johnson-county.com/piv/.  On the right side of the screen you’ll find a screen to search by address.  Once you’ve been taken to the map view, you can use the pull-down Layer menu (left of the links to aerial photos) to select: 

    • FEMA 

    • Put your cursor on the arrow to the left of FEMA to open another pull-down menu and select “flood hazard areas” 

    • If you have trouble using this tool, call 319-356-5132 or email Julie-tallman@iowa-city.org

  • If my home or business has been removed from a flood hazard area with a Letter of Map Change? You can search on the www.FEMA.gov website or call 319-356-5132, or email Julie-tallman@iowa-city.org

  • The right department to inquire about a clogged storm drain or stormwater management facility that appears to need maintenance? Call 319-356-5170. 

  • How to volunteer for the Adopt-A-Storm-Drain program? Call 319-356-5164.

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